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Diamond Managing Agents - The Company

Established in 2006, DMA has always strived to remain unique in an established market.

We have experience of dealing with new developments, as well as smaller existing blocks. Our handover management includes taking over from existing managing agents, as well as landlords and RMC's, whether managed in house by a landlord or through a tenant's association, and also handover from construction stage to leaseholder occupation on new developments.
Our portfolio includes mixed-use schemes with commercial space, as well as residential units.

We provide a comprehensive and professional service that safeguards clients’ investments, ensures that the property is properly maintained and repaired, and that the terms of occupation are enforced fairly for the benefit of all. Offering a personal service, giving maximum attention to all the properties we manage.

We firmly believe that the traditional values of service, hard work and effort coupled with the latest computer systems make for a winning outcome. Our communications and service charge demands are clear, straightforward and easy to read.

Key Facts
  • Full range of service expertise
  • A single point of contact for all your requirements
  • Caring for customers and residents
  • Professional approach using reliable contractors
  • Dedicated Client's accounts
  • Our commitment to RICS Code of Practice
  • Extensive Public Liability Insurance

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